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Instinctively Protective Family Companions

Black German Shepherd Puppies Bred for Outstanding Quality & Temperament.

Root Haus is a purebred, working-line German Shepherd Breeder. Once you own a German Shepherd you will never desire another breed. For one, their intelligence is so amazing, and second the unconditional love for their family, they are not just a dog, they are family. I feel we can offer you the best Quality German Shepherd, with outstanding German bloodlines, superb temperaments, excellent health, highly intelligent, all at an affordable price.

We have the beautiful Black German Shepherd puppies. We are committed to breeding the highest Quality German Shepherds which includes health, temperament, intelligence, conformation and working ability. When you buy a puppy from us, you are getting a QUALITY German Shepherd to become a life time member for you and your family.

QUALITY isn't expensive, it is priceless.